What we do all day every day

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We make developing stories and content easy and fun for clients across multiple platforms – articles, websites, social media, books, blogs, news releases, and more. We are craftspeople in the art and discipline of writing creatively and will guide you in recognizing opportunities to build and contribute to your communities through the stories you have to tell.

You should see the one that got away!


Original, professionally written and researched articles are our passion. This includes pitching and writing articles for magazines, newspapers and online publications.

MightyWrite also bring a story telling approach to our clients in business, non-profit and and social services. This is one of the best ways to promote your product, service or cause in a virtual world. Sharing your stories provides a platform for you to show what you know and how you can improve the lives of your target audience. You can use the article content we provide to add some power to your website, flesh out your newsletters or provide bites for your blog or other social media. See Articles.

Websites and digital content

We know how to enhance online narratives through visual and keyword rich multimedia content that engage audiences, promotes your products and services, pushes your stories out across digital delivery platforms, and ultimately, converts prospects into clients, followers and/or supporters. See websites and digital content.


Ghostwriting is the work of writing stories, articles, blogs or other text that is officially credited to another person. We do a lot of it and have a growing case of byline envy.  That said, we are quite happy to stay behind the scenes and put forward the brilliance of experts in business, mental health, insurance, human rights, the environment and more. Our writing process is thorough, professional, engaging and painless. We work with many experts, business people and publications and develop the writing according to the subject matter, audience, pub/site guidelines and industry best practices. We prefer to stay in the shadows for most of our ghostwriting clients but can provide samples if you need.


Many business owners and professionals need help to get and keep going in the essential social media platforms. We have a process that focuses this for you. Give us a short interview and watch the keywords flow with relevant SEO rich content that responds to your market needs. It’s time to get out there. See blogs.

Business books

While Leanne has been working on her own novel for a decade (sigh), she co-authored a book about the evolution of workplace mental health in Canada. She’s also been asked to help others write their books and is often a reader for emerging writers. That work continues as does Leanne’s writing of short stories and poems that she submits to numerous publications and contests as a way of continuously improving my writing and feeding my creative soul. She has many submissions out so watch for updates but for now here’s a peek at a couple of her biz books. See books.

Leanne Fournier writing on laptop


Error-free, accurate work is another critical component of strong content that makes a good first and lasting impression. Besides strengthening the power of the writing, our editing services can help give a fresh perspective to a client’s work. We often see clients who are so deep into the weeds of business or projects that they can’t see their way out to deliver a more marketable, relevant or compelling piece. Let us help – people need to hear your story. See editing.


I have the great pleasure of coaching new social entrepreneurs in writing their business stories.

Many of those I coach know their stories well but the fact is, most of us struggle with writing about ourselves, our business goals and that all important elevator pitch. I help business owners hone in on their strengths, cut through barriers they might be facing in telling their stories, and write in ways that will resonate with their intended audiences–be that funders, potential clients or partners.

“I wanted to say thank you for all the support, resources, and tools you have given me in the past month. All of these things are really going to help me get to the next level in my social enterprise. I also wanted to thank you for your belief in me.”

Susanna King, Snackables

As a young entrepreneur with little business experience, Leanne helped bring my business a great deal closer to fruition. Her experience and expertise allowed me to write a very strong business plan, and she has taught me how to refine my writing in a professional manner.

Eva Bonjour, Grey Wolf Gardens

It was such  a pleasure to work with you!  You gave me confidence to explore the world of grant writing and freelance writing. Your research information and connections were helpful to allow me to explore the methods of furthering my interests in these areas. During and after our sessions,  I enjoyed attempting new writing styles and grant-writing ventures. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this great program and learn from experts!

Eva DeBoer, Insights & Outsights

This work alerted me to a definite need, so I decided to round up what I’ve learned in decades of writing for clients and myself in a blog post, Write it Right.

Leanne’s other writing

Poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction are integral and important parts of Leanne’s writing life. See more poems.