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As a writer, you never want to receive a draft back where your golden words are obliterated by revisions and comments. But it happens.

A good friend and I were the weaving through streets of Winnipeg on our way to a dinner date with some other friends.

She was driving, trying not to make too many sudden stops and turns, as I was simultaneously juggling my laptop while on the phone reviewing some work with a client. I had my headphones on so she was only hearing my side of the conversation but as the call ended, she burst out with, “Sounds like your company should be MightyREWrite!” She’s a funny one that Allie but in that moment she was absolutely write. I mean right.

Yeah, we all have times when we miss the mark on projects or things we create. In the case of this past week, the feedback was all really positive. There was just a lot of it.

The end products were way better because of the thorough review and feedback my clients so generously provided.

As a writer, you never want to receive a document back where your golden words are obliterated by revisions and comments. But it happens. In one instance this week an article I wrote pretty much came back as one great big comment. Ouch. But the email cover included positive remarks about the fact that while there were difficulties with this piece, it was by no means a reflection on my professionalism and the good work we’d done together in the past. The client just wanted something else.

So once I dusted myself off and settled into doing the rewrites I had to agree that the comments were workable and would improve what this client was clearly invested in having me write about this topic.

Key word. Invested. It makes all the difference in everything we do in the world of content and marketing. So while the truth can hurt, you need to say it – whether it’s in the feedback you’re giving to a writer like me, or the story you’re telling your audiences.

What did I miss this week? I think I had the voice wrong and these clients were right to call me on it. I can laugh at myself now because I’ve fixed the content and everyone’s happy. How about you laugh along with me and we can agree on some things we can all do to save ourselves from this kind of pain…

  • Ask the right questions
  • Know the audience – and write for them in the right voice
  • Consider the client’s expertise and perspective
  • Stand up for what you think is right but be open to another point of view (see above)
  • Congratulate yourself on your ability to accept feedback to make your work the best it can be!

Good luck and let me know if I can help. Send me an email or drop a few words on my contact page.

By Leanne

Leanne is MightyWrite’s lead business writer and story teller. Her goal is always to take clients beyond their expectations and innovate how their stories are told.

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