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MightyWrite produces articles, stories, blogs, emails, eNewsletters, corporate writing, and website content, along with content marketing strategies. We’ve even worked alongside industry experts to co-author a book and support advancements on social issues. We ghost write for leaders and specialists in business innovation, entrepreneurship, mental health, insurance, human rights, environmental issues, urban development, pet care, wellness, the great outdoors, and more.

Our approach is to do the research and, through an acute ability to see the big picture and learn fast, become experts in your business, products and services. We love words, but we’re more than writers. We understand the power of a well-researched, professional strategy as well as the style and structure of writing that sells, engages and gets results.

We work with clients to solve complex communications problems as well as on simple, single solutions.

The might is in what we do to help you move forward with a commitment to your values, purpose and goals. We get to the point. That’s write for business.

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Content and Strategy To Take Your Business to the Next Level

All content is not created equal. Knowing how to attract your audiences and engage them with optimized, relevant content is key.

Strategy is the yellow brick road of content and marketing. We’ll be with you every step of the way as we go to places where our collective brainpower, dedicated hearts and courage work together to achieve results.

The wisdom and wonders that come with experience form the backbone of our work. We are teachers and students of the unlimited opportunities that come from providing value to our communities. Take a look at some of our work.

We think in words. Leanne has done three and a half tons of thinking first and delivered a ton and a half of messaging that fits the subject, the corporate culture, the brand and the audience. You just don’t get that kind of sharp without decades of honing.


Dan O’DellO’Dell Advertising

When you work with Leanne Fournier you will get dedication and professionalism that is second to none, along with the flexibility to adjust to client needs and requests. Over and over she’s exhibited a unique ability to adapt her work to various audiences, strategies and objectives.


Mary Ann BayntonMary Ann Baynton & Associates Consulting

Leanne, joy spills out to those around you. You are a rock, a motivator and a visionary, a leader and a gifted master of words!


Lisa EricksonArtist, Illustrator, painter, animator

MightyWrite is giving me the push I need to think strategically about my business goals and all the opportunities that can be realized through social media. This has included engaging me by asking relevant and meaningful questions that have empowered me to move forward!


MandijBuckner ConsultingReturn to Work, Stay at Work, Workplace Mental Health

Why is our experience in content and strategy important to you?

100% Canadian owned & operated since 2001



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I have had the pleasure of working with Leanne for over a year and her work has always proven to be above standard. She considers every aspect of what a client needs to relay their message in a clear and concise way. Leanne has endless ideas when it comes to helping her clients put their best foot forward and I look forward to working with her in the future.    

Sarah JennerMindful Employer Canada

We perform our best work under unexpected conditions.


the Might behind mightywrite


Leanne Fournier


Leanne is MightyWrite’s lead business writer and strategist. Her goal is always to take clients beyond their expectations and innovate how their stories are told. This means having to dig deep to get at the core of a clients’ ideas and concerns, cutting through the clutter and often, getting the client unstuck and moving forward. One client coined the phrase “delegating up” for the fearless approach she uses for engaging business owners and leaders throughout the process. Leanne is also a much-published writer and blogger on topics such as mental health, lake life, workplaces, innovation and entrepreneurship, community development, animal health, environmental and social issues, financial planning and food. She is co-author of a treasured book on the evolution of workplace mental health in Canada.


Michael Fournier

Account Manager

Mike draws on his experience in graphic design, photography and illustration to add that extra edge to project content and deliverables. His knowledge bolsters the team with an understanding of the strategies and visual concepts that are  essential in creating effective online communication. Mike’s heart and soul is in helping the MightyWrite team innovate great things.


Cast of Others

Our Heroes

We work with some amazing outside writers, editors, proofreaders, and translators to increase our capacity and help raise the bar on the services we provide.


Charter for Canadian employers supporting workplace mental healthWe are proud to be among the first Canadian companies to sign the Charter for Canadian Employers Supporting Mental Health. This is a cause close to our hearts and one we write about often. We invite you to join us in supporting the cause by visiting Mindful Employer Canada.

1. Engaging readers

Besides her obvious talents with the written word, Leanne has the uncanny ability to creatively convey the tone, mood or beat of a topic. Not only does this make for an enjoyable read that draws in even the most stubborn skimmer, but she also manages to balance her pieces in a way that continues to tickle the reader’s mind throughout the day.
Wendy Swantson, President,

3. Experience and understanding

Michael’s experience really showed in our website interface as well as in the overall structure and photography.
Larry Frostiak, FCA, CFP, TEP Tax Partner Frostiak and Leslie Chartered Accountants

2. Managing ideas and projects

Leanne is a creative, driven, organized project manager. She sees the finish line and knows how to create the step-by-step plan to reach her clients’ goals.
Murray Moman, Red River College, Co-author of Business Communication for Success (Flat World Knowledge 2012).

4. Development and detail

You want to deal with a pro in thought, word and deed, in ethics and process with standards that are higher than your own. Leanne is that kind of pro and that’s why her clients stay clients wherever they go. (For anything less there’s no excuse … with apologies to Dr. Suess).
Dan O’Dell, O’Dell Advertising


We are Workplace Strategies for Mental Health logothrilled to be associated with the work of the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace which has been the recipient of a number of awards related to this important work.

Good writing engages audiences and drives a reaction.

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Sustainable communication comes from knowing your audience and having a solid, continuous plan to respond to their concerns.

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Thank you both for the terrific ideas you shared with us. I really appreciate your expertise and enthusiasm. We have many practical strategies that we will put in place now. Once we have a chance to monitor and measure the reaction to these changes, we will circle back for some more Fournier Fire to light up our imagination.


 Mary Ann Baynton

Mary Ann BayntonMindful Employer Canada

When you work with Leanne Fournier you get a supportive partner in your creative project as well as a collaborative thinker who asks the right questions. Leanne has a warm and inviting energy that makes the work seem easy!

 Donna Hardaker

Donna HardakerWorkplace Mental Health Specialist, Consultant – Trainer – Coach