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My 3 words for 2020

I’ve participated in marketing guru, speaker, and author Chris Brogan’s #my3words a few times, but this year I’ll be doing so with more intention.


Pushing through the blocks to blogging

So maybe…you’re ready to get blogging? Or, maybe you know you need some help. You’ll find it here.

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Post-secondary peer support: Meeting students where they are at

Peer support can prompt conversations that may never happen otherwise and help to reduce the stigma around mental health. It can also save lives.

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Take some time today, World Suicide Prevention Day, to learn more about suicide and to honour those who have been affected.

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Teaching empathy and helping students see themselves in the world

Niki Taylor, a new teacher, shares her refreshing perspectives about seeking empathy, equality and community in the education system.


A Tale of Two Acting Students

Stepheny Hunter and Peter Sarty, both Halifax based actors and recent graduates from the Fountain School of Performing Arts at Dalhousie University, exhibit bravery, brilliance and a heap of resilience as they pursue their acting careers,

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A new look at an old story

The stunning images illustrator, artist and designer Everette Fournier created about addictions convey wisdom beyond her years.

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Reclaiming our love of food and ourselves

World Eating Disorders Action Day helps us understand that for many, issues with food and eating go way beyond how we look to the world.

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Nursing students share stories of substance use disorders

Nursing students tell their stories of addictions and develop the art of caring in the process.

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Knowing our strengths helps us show up in the best way possible

Aligning our strengths and values, which occurs naturally, helps to give our lives more meaning, enabling us to do things in a better way, take better care of ourselves, and have a higher degree of life satisfaction

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Food has been on my mind a lot lately

To heck with those New Year’s Resolutions! I’m making tacos…and celebrating the rich food traditions of family.

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Dr. Joti Samra shares how less can definitely be more

As a psychologist, Dr. Joti Samra sees the problematic side of over consumption, including its detrimental affects on our health. Less can definitely be more.

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It may be time to tell a different story

If you can substitute someone else’s name in your story – and no one notices – you need to tell a different story.

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Mary Ann Baynton on being open to whatever work and life throw our way

Workplace relations specialist Mary Ann Baynton shares many insights including how setbacks may actually be opportunities in disguise.

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#eastcoastwearehere: A whale of a day

September 2, Ingonish Beach, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia — There’s no doubt that the best things happen when we least expect them, as was the case on this whale of a day.

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#eastcoastwearehere: Walking in some very big footsteps

This writer was in awe, walking in some very big footsteps at the homestead of author Lucy Maud Montgomery in Cavendish, PEI.