Business books

I had the great honour of interviewing almost a 100 different people who have spent much of their working lives improving the psychological health and safety of workplaces for everyone. I took what I learned and in many long sessions with my co-author Mary Ann Baynton wrote it into a compelling (if somewhat documentary-ish) history of this important work. Our tribute at the beginning of the book pretty much sums up why this was so important to me and, while it’s not a work of riveting fiction, it is something I am deeply proud of. It reads:

This book is dedicated to all those who experienced
psychological harm in the workplace because
we didn’t know any better and all those who
never will because now we do.

While I have also worked on many training manuals, this one stands out as one I’m also especially proud of as it gives leaders and employees tools and training to do better for themselves and others at work.