Kenora Stuff

Kenora Stuff is a popular magazine distributed to visitors and locals in the bustling tourist town of Kenora, Ontario. Leanne contributes regularly to this annual publication, most recently doing a Q & A with Kenora’s hometown hero Jeff Gustafson. See article on page 31 at

Lake of the Woods Cottage Guide

We love writing for this popular trade magazine for Northwestern Ontario that features people who give it their all and take pride in what they do. Leanne has rounded up articles on docks, windows, and barges, drawing on her love of stories and details. She also had the pleasure of interviewing and writing about nature photographer Mike Grandmaison and local editor Elizabeth Campbell for the magazine’s summer issue. These issues of the magazine are no longer available online.

Lake of the Woods Area News

Writing for Lake of the Woods Area News was on Leanne’s bucket list for years. She was thrilled to be a regular contributor and now, editor(!). She has written about everything from working with a lakefront view to blastiomycosis to powwows, how cottage owners from outside the Ontario borders are faring during a pandemic and in 2022, a retrospective of the magazine during it’s 60 year tenure. You need to be a member to see the articles, which we highly recommend if you care about stewardship of our great natural spaces – and in our case – one of the most beautiful places on earth. The following excerpts are included with permission.

Dryden Trailblazer Magazine

Leanne has also been sought out by Dryden’s Trailblazer magazine. She had the great pleasure of writing about a number of emerging businesses but also, more recently, Dryden’s Tagged Fish Contest. An avid fisher person herself, Leanne jumped on the chance to have some fun with this writing assignment. Read the story on page 25 at

snowmobiling in Northwest Ontario

Northern Ontario Travel

We love winter! Read all about it at

Leanne had to pinch herself when she got the chance to interview authors Rona Maynard and Jan Wong. Article no longer available online but the two excerpts below give a peek.

Leanne has also expanded her writing and volunteerism in social justice and is frequent contributor for stories for Kenora Moving Forward, a coalition concerned with homelessness and the underlying issues of poverty, racism, mental illness and stigma.

Leanne with the Kenora Moving Forward Community Cleanup Crew.

Kenora Moving Forward continues to bring people in from the cold

You see a person huddled on a street corner without any blankets, mitts or warm clothing and you know the forecast for the night is frigid. What do you do? Like many, you probably feel helpless and hope for the best. December 23, 2022

Kenora’s unhoused community is helping to clean up the streets

The Kenora Moving Forward (KMF) Community Cleanup Crew is sweeping through downtown Kenora every second Monday, picking up biohazard waste including discarded needles, as well as litter on public property and businesses. August 30, 2023

Kenora coalition reaches out: “Help us find a space. We are part of the solution

In the midst of recent community concerns about public safety, Kenora Moving Forward (KMF) is urgently looking for a location for a CommUNITY Space for those experiencing homelessness or precarious housing. “We want to be part of the solution which, until the housing crisis is addressed, includes creating spaces where people can escape the streets, and feel safe and supported,” said KMF Chair Mary Alice Smith. January 13, 2023

In her role as a director for Lake of the Woods Arts Community, Leanne also keeps local and Ontario media looped in on activities for this lively arts-centred non-profit.

LOWAC’s ARTSFEST video highlights creativity, accessibility, diversity and fun

The Lake of the Woods Arts Community (LOWAC) held their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, November 22, at the Lake of the Woods Museum. While there, they unveiled the video made for their 2022 ARTSFEST event that happened this summer. The video is available to view on LOWAC’s YouTube and Facebook pages. December 1, 2022

More Stuff

The Lake of the Woods Brewing Company was a fun interview for Kenora Stuff. See below for the rest of the article no longer available online.

Lake of the Woods Brewery article in Kenora Stuff
See below for rest of article.

Other articles

The following articles from the Area News show the importance of doing the research and talking to the experts to get the story right.

Magazine article showing an Indigenous woman in traditional clothing at a pow wow
Reprinted with permission.
page 2 of article about powwows
Printed with permission from the Lake of the Woods Area News.
Blastiomycosis article page 1
Blastiomycosis article page 2
Blastiomycosis article page 3