What’s your story?

Everybody has a story to tell. We have the power to change other people’s lives with our stories. Whatever that story is — somewhere, somehow, there’s always someone who needs to hear it.


This package includes a professionally crafted feature story that you can use however you like – on your website,  social media, email marketing, or any media of your choosing that delivers you value (I can help with all of that too). It includes:
An interview (usually by telephone, Skype or Facetime) to define the story your audience needs to hear. I’ll be looking to: Determine what you have to offer that’s uniquely you – whether that’s how you’ve developed your business or products, the personal service you give clients, and ultimately how what you have to offer improves their lives. Basically answering the questions: Why should anyone care and what’s in it for them? A professionally crafted, keyword-rich article (up to 600 words) that captures this story. One set of revisions to ensure the story is authentic, accurate and effective. As a bonus I’ll also suggest a social media post and hash tags. Here’s an example of a story, featuring one of the most energetic, productive and generous business people I know:http://www.mightywrite.ca/index.php/profile-mary-ann-baynton-on-being-open-to-all-the-opportunities-life-and-work-throw-our-way https://youtu.be/0akkSlGedjY”>video tells a little bit about my process and love of stories.