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We have worked with Leanne in numerous ways. With some clients she’s writing in the background, with others we trust her to be our content lead directly interviewing our clients and their customers to shape the story and our content plan. Regardless of the industry, the budget or project size Leanne is always professional, creative, flexible, responsive, organized and smart. In short, she’s a dream!

Kristen Lynch, KiK Partners

Working with Leanne Fournier was an extremely positive experience. She is meticulous, thoughtful, and scrupulous. I felt I was in perfect hands. I couldn’t have worked with a better writer and editor.

Jan Wong, journalist, author, professor

Leanne’s empathy, listening skills and knowledge of the perplexing mental health landscape made her a first-rate storytelling partner. At every stage of our work together, I was struck by her respect for honesty and accuracy.

Rona Maynard, former editor, author, speaker
Our hero MightyWrite

When you work with Leanne Fournier you will get dedication and professionalism that is second to none, along with the flexibility to adjust to client needs and requests. Over and over she’s exhibited a unique ability to adapt her work to various audiences, strategies and objectives.

Mary Ann Baynton, MSW, RSW
Director of Collaboration and Strategy
Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

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MightyWrite gave me the push I needed to think strategically about my business goals and all the opportunities that can be realized through social media. This has included engaging me by asking relevant and meaningful questions that have empowered me to move forward!

Mandi Buckner, workplace mental health consultant, Mandi J. Buckner Consulting

Leanne is a creative, driven, organized project manager. She sees the finish line and knows how to create the step-by-step plan to reach her clients’ goals.

Murray Moman, Red River College

When you work with Leanne Fournier you get a supportive partner in your creative project as well as a collaborative thinker who asks the right questions. Leanne has a warm and inviting energy that makes the work seem easy!

Donna Hardaker, workplace mental health specialist, Donna Hardaker Consulting

You want to deal with a pro in thought, word and deed, in ethics and process with standards that are higher than your own. Leanne is that kind of pro and that’s why her clients stay clients wherever they go. (For anything less there’s no excuse … with apologies to Dr. Suess).

Dan O’Dell, creative guy and word nerd

MightyWrite might

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for brilliant and strong women like you! I so appreciate being able to surround myself with your insight and experience.

Sarah Jenner, Executive Director, Mindful Employer Canada

Leanne, What a beautiful piece, filled with love and hope and caring. I am so happy to know you. While you say you are inspired by others…many of us are inspired by you!  Thank you and keep on writing!

Maureen Shaw, advisor, mentor, speaker, writer, volunteer

Besides her obvious talents with the written word, Leanne has the uncanny ability to creatively convey the tone, mood or beat of a topic. Not only does this make for an enjoyable read that draws in even the most stubborn skimmer, but she also manages to balance her pieces in a way that continues to tickle the reader’s mind throughout the day.

Wendy Swantson, President, eTouchServices

Leanne, joy spills out to those around you. You are a rock, a motivator and a visionary, a leader and a gifted master of words!

Lisa Rydin Erickson, artist and blogger
MightyWrite writing