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I’m Leanne Fournier and welcome you to MightyWrite. I write for business, causes and people — articles, blogs, emails, social media, bio’s, websites, media releases, and the list goes on…and on. I’ve even worked alongside industry experts to co-author a book and support advancements on social issues. I write under my own byline and also ghost write for leaders and specialists in business innovation, entrepreneurship, mental health, human rights, environmental issues, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, urban and rural development, animal health, the great outdoors, and more. I call on other writers, editors, proofreaders and designers to help make my work and your stories the best they can be.

Stories trigger people’s emotions. Humanizing your business story is the way to share your brand message, engage your audience and drive action based on the emotional response your story inspires. Our approach is to do the research and write accurate, thought-provoking content and stories to meet your goals. We love words, but we’re more than writers. We understand the power of well-researched, professional content  as well as the style and structure of stories that get results. Stories trigger people’s emotions.

Your audience decides what content they will consume, as well as when and where they’ll consume it. Your brand should be ready for them with the right story at the right time and in the right place.

That’s the might behind everything we write.

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