Leanne has created names and developed brands and positioning for countless initiatives for a large national provider of financial security solutions for individual and groups. This has included working with key stakeholders, senior leaders, project managers and communications professionals on complex projects aimed at multiple internal and external audiences.  If you click on the menu (top right) you’ll see a small example of this work.

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Do You TakeYourBreak?

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Most people are given some break time in their regular work day. What you do during that break time can have an impact on your workplace mental health.

TakeYourBreak activities are focused on improving mental health at work. They may also encourage some of you workaholics (yes, you know who you are!) to actually take some regular breaks even during the busiest workdays. If you do not want to do this for yourself, consider taking one for the team as it can also improve productivity.

Register here to get regular emails that will provide no-cost to low-cost activities to help you and your co-workers become calmer, more energized and more physically relaxed at work. All of the activities you’ll receive can be adapted to accommodate different abilities and were developed by those interested in health and wellness from across the country. Many can be done either individually or as a group.

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