Complex web content management

When a leading Canadian insurance company decided to invest in workplace mental health as a major corporate citizenship initiative,  our lead writer, Leanne was there. From the outset, her role included extensive involvement in the overall strategy and content development for the  website, Workplace Strategies for Mental Health. She has been an integral member of the team from the initial website launch through subsequent releases in both English and French.

This work has included collaborating closely with the initiative’s Program Director and other mental health experts, and moving content and site design throughout the process of development, legal/client review and approvals, design, programming, testing, French translation and English/French proofreading.

The MightyWrite team was also involved in raising awareness for the initiative by developing the creative for regular email campaigns. Leanne’s ongoing role in the success of the website has won her accolades from the client and indirectly, users of the site.

This work has struck a chord with us on many levels. We are especially honoured to work with an amazing group of mental health experts and a website development team that are all focused on delivering a top-notch product to address this important issue facing businesses and organizations everywhere.

The website received the 2009 Web Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development, awarded annually by the Web Marketing Association.

Leanne has also provided support researching and writing numerous articles for Centre initiatives.

This project involved multiple stakeholders, complexity in both content and format and a need for creativity and innovation. Leanne has been quite simply amazing at satisfying and coordinating among the stakeholders, balancing the competing demands while complying with legal and technical requirements, meeting the deadlines and always finding ways to improve upon the process. Whether we need a quick fix or a big picture solution, she is always ready, willing and able to help.

Mary Ann Baynton, Program Director, Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace


Website content strategy, development and coordination.

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