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Sometimes we have to dig deep to develop an original, compelling business story. This was the case for our work with a successful, family-based roofing company of over 25 years. The development of a new website and brand was an exciting opportunity to position the organization for continued success and growth.

Our team did an outstanding job engaging the client in interviews and researching the subject. We learned a whole lot about roofing throughout the process. It was important to us, as much as to the client, that the result was a fitting tribute to the length and strength of this great company. The upbeat, contemporary website and brand positions the roofer as an industry leader.



Norwin Roofing Ltd. ascends to great heights to ensure your roofing projects are completed to your total satisfaction and to the highest quality and safety standards. When it comes to large commercial building projects, selection of the right roofing installer and product is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. A top quality roof installation will deliver value and security to your building for years to come – in maintenance cost savings, problem-free performance and long life.

Launched in Winnipeg in 1984, family-owned Norwin Roofing has an established reputation as a reliable and responsive roofer for commercial, institutional and industrial projects and residential flat roofs. With close to 50 employees, the nimble roofing company is just the right size – large enough that even the biggest jobs are managed quickly, yet small enough to be responsive to your project’s unique needs.

Safety is at the core of everything we do for our employees and our customers. By taking every precaution necessary to ensure that no one is injured on the job or at the worksite, the company has repeatedly earned a Certificate of Recognition from the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba. Our adherence to the highest safety standards matters to our customers because this means work isn’t interrupted by unnecessary delays or costs incurred as a result of injuries. This in turn helps us to uphold our commitment to our customers to provide the best quality of service at competitive, fair prices.

For close to 30 years, Norwin Roofing has built its reputation
and earned repeat business by:

  • Working collaboratively with clients

  • Welcoming difficult projects

  • Identifying customers needs

  • Being honest and respectful

Norwin Roofing is available to consult, quote and work on your commercial roofing projects all year round.

Raise your commercial roofing expectations – call or email us today, and see what experience can do for you.

Very professional and thorough both in their craft and communication.

Norwin Roofing

January 2013

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