Story Telling

One of the best parts of our work, is the opportunity to share the stories of a lot of great people who are truly, changing the world. We do the research and help with the words, but it’s their authority that takes those words out into the world in a big and meaningful way. How lucky are we to have a part of that right? Often we do this as “ghost writers” and, due the confidential nature of this relationship, we can’t feature that work.

There are times however, when we do get the byline or approval to share these stories. Here are a few of those.

Mental health issues and career success

Leanne had to keep pinching herself when she was given the opportunity to interview and write about a couple of her heroes, including Rona Maynard, former editor of Chatelaine Magazine and Jan Wong, an acclaimed journalist and author. It only got better with the addition of Orlando Da Silva, an incredibly brave lawyer whose sharing of his own personal struggle with mental illness, opened the door for many other professionals to do the same.  Leanne always puts a lot of effort into making sure she gets her stories right. But in this case she was especially thrilled when all 3 thanked her in their own way for doing that to fully honour their stories. Read the story

Trauma in the workplace – what can employers do? 

This article was the result of a workshop Leanne attended, Preventing Psychological Injury. It captures the key themes that were shared by professionals from in the fields of human resources, health, wellness, and management that had come together from across Canada to discuss prevention and intervention approaches related to workplace trauma. Read the story

Innovate Manitoba: Manitoba’s nQube knocks out global gaming competition with winning pitch

Leanne covered stories of some amazing Manitoba startups and innovators for several years for Innovate Manitoba. This was one of her favourit gigs, talking to many young entrepreneurs who could see a world where their great ideas were going to make a mark. We were very sad when IM lost their funding and this incredible opportunity was lost for the business community.  This is just one of many stories Leanne was able to capture. Read the story

This is an excerpt from another one of Leanne’s favourite IM stories. Why wouldn’t we love a company called “Campfire Union”?

Leanne's empathy, listening skills and knowledge of the perplexing mental health landscape made her a first-rate storytelling partner. At every stage of our work together, I was struck by her respect for honesty and accuracy.

Rona Maynard, Speaker, former Editor of Chatelaine, and author of My Mother's Daughter