We often work with experts in their fields who have a lot to say. Our job is to help them boil down complex concepts into messages that will resonate with their audiences. It also means guiding them in aligning their message with their overall goals.  These discussions are the starting point for developing content, positioning, a brand, or content marketing plan. It means doing the homework, asking the right questions, listening and dissecting what we hear to help determine goals, challenges and opportunities. This is the “secret sauce” for the writing we do.

Such was the case for our work with a valued client who recently an new initiative to open up the dialogue about positive mental health in the workplace.  The client knew what she needed to do but Leanne helped her  to focus on the overall objectives and translate this into user-friendly website content, that has since been updated.

Leanne also supported the pilot and development of facilitator training materials for the Mindful Leader Certification Program, a training program to help leaders develop skills to address workplace issues more effectively.  

Leanne gives a call out to all of her business clients and colleagues to consider the Mindful Leader training and to read and sign the Charter for Canadian Employers Supporting Workplace Mental Health. It’s free, voluntary and the right thing to do.

Leanne’s dedication to the success of the Mindful Employer Canada launch was second to none. Her professionalism and commitment in helping us adapt our content and strategy to the audience’s needs was incredibly helpful. As always she did so while bringing a fresh perspective and her own experience to improve the end result.

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