Building on the story

We also work with clients who want to be in the driver’s seat for the development of their website and other content. We respect that our clients are usually the subject matter experts and will help with steering the overall content strategy and, as we do in all of our consulting, guide them in developing user-friendly, keyword rich content to get the best results.

A thorough content audit revealed that the real story of a large charted accounting firm was its people and in turn, the value they bring to their clients. Interviews with management and administrative staff helped us get at a full and rich story about the quality and integrity of this team. This became integral to the overall web content strategy and design. Our objectives helped the client stay focused on telling these stories and committed to reducing and removing redundant and non-essential content.


Our most important value is to provide the highest level of service and professionalism to our clients, community and our people in whatever we undertake. We achieve this through a commitment to our clients, our community, our people and to the principles that guide our work: Expertise, integrity, partnership and progress.

Our People

Creating an environment that is positive and fulfilling is important to us. People are our primary asset and we understand the need for balance between work and life. Part of this balance is allowing for telecommuting, working part time, and taking leaves for personal growth.

We are a team-oriented firm that specializes in working with owner-managed companies. Right from the beginning, staff are involved in client meetings and interactions. We take pride in our employees and want our clients to meet the people working on their files.


We do more for clients than just provide quality business and accountancy services such as tax planning or assisting with the purchase or sale of a business. The foundation of our service philosophy is to be available and have the knowledge to provide you with the advice you need to support the day to day operation of your business and financial affairs. This includes:

Managing risk
There are always financial risks in life, and these risks are constantly changing. We pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with the current market and economic conditions. This knowledge will aid us in helping you understand what the risks are in today’s economy and how you can use that to your advantage. Risk is an inherent part of life, but we will help you to manage your financial risk to levels that you are comfortable with.

Getting the answers
Life in the global marketplace is becoming increasingly complex. One of the challenges of having more information available, is that it can take longer to locate the answers you need when you need them. We are experts at sorting through the information maze of taxation, business and estate planning and presenting what we find to you in a way that’s easy to understand and gives you the full depth of the research should you wish to sift through it yourself. We have an excellent working relationship with other professionals and organizations to ensure we’re able to provide you with the answers you need.

Tax planning
Taxation is a constantly changing world of rules and risks.  Our tax professionals can provide you with invaluable advice to minimize your taxes, build your wealth and help ensure your tax situation is in order. Right from the get go, we make sure clients have a clear understanding of their tax obligations and opportunities.

The preparation and filing of an annual personal income tax return (T1) is required by statute (Income Tax Act). We have assisted businesses, commissioned, self employed, high net worth individuals and professionals in filing their returns on a timely and accurate basis and with a view to accessing all entitled deductions and credits. At the same time, we identify and provide valuable tax planning advice and planning opportunities. This extends to our ability to provide advice on Canadian/U.S. cross border tax planning issues and in filing the required U.S. income tax returns.

We enjoyed working with Leanne and Michael to update our website. They really helped us cut through all the clutter of information on our old website to focus on our objectives as well as the key messages we wanted to ensure came through. Michael’s experience in website design really showed in the site interface as well as the overall structure and photography. Our website clearly positions us as a professional organization that puts the needs of our clients above everything else.

Larry Frostiak, FCA, CFP, TEP Tax Partner

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