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Ten years ago, Leanne received a phone call that would change her life. A consultant from Toronto, who had been hired by one of her clients (and former employer) Great-West Life was going to head up their latest initiative—a centre for mental health in the workplace.

The consultant, Mary Ann Baynton, had been told that Leanne was probably the best person to help her get this thing branded and up and running online in the shortest time possible. There were still a lot of questions about what this centre for workplace mental health would be, in particular from a messaging and branding perspective. But Mary Ann and Leanne persevered and the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace was launched on the web just three months after that first phone call.

Their work over the past 10 years has included collaboration on tools and resources that cover a multitude of topics and issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, addiction, suicide, bullying, harassment, stigma, dementia, and trauma from a workplace perspective.

This tireless and very successful alliance hit a new high when Mary Ann asked Leanne to work with her on a book that would capture the stories of those who have worked so hard to bring positive change to workplaces in the area of mental health and more recently, psychological health and safety. Many of these people, like Mary Ann, were also instrumental in the development of Canada’s national standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace – the first standard of its kind in the world.

The Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada: Toward a standard for psychological health and safety, was released on September 21, 2017. While there are only a limited number of printed copies available, the book is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime as a free download at

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It is a wonderful thing you have done! I will treasure it always and be humbled by the many talented, dedicated people who made all this happen – and for having been able to play a small part. Thank-you again Leanne. Be well and “keep on swimming!”

Maureen Shaw, Act Three Consulting, retired president and CEO, IAPA

I don’t hire Leanne to do work for me. I partner with Leanne to create great work. I get her involved at the brainstorming stage and she stays with me through writing to publishing. For the past decade Leanne has supported me with everything from a blog to web content to an entire book. Leanne’s work in interviewing over 100 key informants ensured that this book was much more than my personal perspective. Her attention to detail and to getting the facts straight is a testament to her professional integrity. She also walked the talk of psychologically safe work by being especially supportive during a difficult time of my life that happened to coincide with the writing of this book. I am forever grateful to Leanne.

Mary Ann Baynton Mary Ann Baynton & Associates Consulting

June 2017