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We make developing stories and content easy for clients. We become your subject matter experts and ghost writers, researching and developing content on the topics that will grow and engage your audiences. In most cases we work behind the scenes, converting your expertise about your product and brand into credible, meaningful messages and interactions. We’ll guide you in recognizing the opportunities of building and contributing to your communities with continuous, valuable content. As we build this relationship, we get close enough to your content to manage major or minor updates efficiently. This helps to keep your content in touch with your audience’s needs and ahead of business and market changes.

We are craftspeople in the discipline of writing professionally, accurately and creatively. We focus on increasing audience response and positioning your products and services in a way that informs, engages and ultimately satisfies the needs of your market. We fulfill our write for business promise by developing great SEO/SMO content that gets a response. We know how to enhance narratives through visual and keyword rich multimedia content, and how to use social media to engage audiences, promote your products and services, publish and distribute stories across digital delivery platforms, and ultimately, convert prospects into buyers or followers.

White Wolf Inspired Living 
Workplace Strategies for Mental Health (contributing writer)
BlueSky Financial Administration (contributing writer)


Original, professionally written and researched articles are our passion. This includes pitching and writing stories for magazines, newspapers and online publications.

We also bring a story telling approach to our clients in business, non-profit and and social services. This is one of the best ways to promote your product, service or cause in a virtual world. Articles provide a platform for you to show what you know and how you can improve the lives of your target audience. You can use the article content we provide to add some power to your website, flesh out your newsletters or provide bites for your blog or other social media. I write for many subscriber-based publications, like Lake of the Woods Area News, and am not able to freely share those links. Here’s a couple that I can.

Lake of the Woods Cottage Guide (pages 14, 24, 55, 62)
How to plan a successful snowmobiling trip with the family
Mental Health Issues and Career Success


Ghostwriting is the work of writing stories, articles, blogs or other text that is officially credited to another person.  We do a lot of it and have a growing case of  byline envy.  That said, we are quite happy to stay behind the scenes and put forward the brilliance of experts in business, mental health, insurance, human rights, the environment and more. Our writing process is thorough, professional, engaging and painless. We work with many experts, business people and publications and develop the writing according to the subject matter, audience, pub/site guidelines and industry best practices. Note that it wouldn’t be very ghostly of me to share work samples here. Most clients prefer I stay in their shadow!


Many business owners and professionals need help to get and keep going in the essential social media platforms. We have a process that focuses this for you. Give us a short interview and watch the keywords flow with relevant SEO rich content that responds to your market needs. It’s time to get out there.

White Wolf Inspired Living
Mighty Stories

Books and short stories

I co-authored a book with workplace relations expert Mary Ann Baynton to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Workplace Strategies for Mental Health but also to recognize the important players in the evolution of workplace mental health in Canada. Did you know that we’re the first country in the world to have a voluntary standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace? This is pretty important when  you consider that healthy workplaces, where people feel valued and safe, can save lives. You can read more about about my journey writing the book and you can download it for free at the link below. I’ve also been asked to help others write their books. That work continues as does my writing of my own novel. I also contribute short stories to numerous publications and contests as a way of continuously expanding my writing and feeding my creative soul.

The Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada – Toward a standard for psychological health and safety (co-author)
Building Stronger Teams: Supporting Effective Leaders (co-author)


Error-free, accurate work is another critical component of strong content that makes a good first and lasting impression. Besides strengthening the power of the writing, our editing services can help give a fresh perspective to a client’s work. It might be the slide presentation that’s never been polished, the speech that has you speechless or a research article, white paper or mission statement that’s close but not quite there. We often see clients who are so deep into the weeds of business or projects that they can’t see their way out to deliver a more marketable, relevant or compelling piece. Our copy editing rates are very competitive and have been the difference between a research paper getting published and available to the audience who need to see it, to it languishing in endless reviews. Let us help – people need to hear your story.

Frostiak and Leslie Chartered Professional Accountants Inc.
12 Weeks to Wellness

NOTE: We are in the process of gathering up more of our very best work. Stay tuned!

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