Content and Strategy To Take Your Business to the Next Level

All content is not created equal. Knowing how to attract your audiences and engage them with optimized, relevant content is key.

Strategy is the yellow brick road of media and marketing. We’ll be with you every step of the way as we go to places where our collective brainpower, dedicated hearts and courage work together to achieve results.

The wisdom and wonders that come with experience form the backbone of our work. We are teachers and students of the unlimited opportunities that come from providing value to our communities. Take a look at some of our work.

We think in words. Leanne has done three and a half tons of thinking first and delivered a ton and a half of messaging that fits the subject, the corporate culture, the brand and the audience. You just don’t get that kind of sharp without decades of honing.


Dan O’DellO’Dell Advertising

When you work with Leanne Fournier you will get dedication and professionalism that is second to none, along with the flexibility to adjust to client needs and requests. Over and over she’s exhibited a unique ability to adapt her work to various audiences, strategies and objectives.


Mary Ann BayntonMary Ann Baynton & Associates Consulting

Leanne, joy spills out to those around you. You are a rock, a motivator and a visionary, a leader and a gifted master of words!


Lisa EricksonArtist, Illustrator, painter, animator

MightyWrite is giving me the push I need to think strategically about my business goals and all the opportunities that can be realized through social media. This has included engaging me by asking relevant and meaningful questions that have empowered me to move forward!


MandijBuckner ConsultingReturn to Work, Stay at Work, Workplace Mental Health