#ContentTECH 2018 reminds us to ‘Pay Attention’ in our content marketing

I spent today at the Content Marketing Institute’s annual #ContentTECH virtual event. I’ve attended for a few years and it delivered, as always, on its promise to provide “actionable, best practices” to aid people like me in taking a more strategic approach to content marketing.

I’m sharing my #ContentTECH tweets from today as they include some great insights from the speakers but also their Twitter handles, so you can check them out yourself if you weren’t lucky enough to be able to attend. Please excuse a few typos in the tweets as I was multi-tasking as best I could! If you’re a content creator/writer/story teller I strongly recommend you give yourself the day off to attend next year. It’s worth every minute.

How To (Actually) Predict the Future and Use Trends to Drive Customer Engagement with Content Marketing

Rohit Bhargava, Founder, The Non-Obvious Company, @rohitbhargava

Rohit’s presentation was amazing. I loved his sincerity and approach to what he refers to as “idea spotting.” He touched on a number of trends that will change content marketing in 2018 as well as the leading habits of trend curators.

Content Marketing’s Technology Challenge

Stuart Eccles, Chief Product Officer, Percolate, @stueccles

Stuart shared  practical approaches and gave some great tips on how to get started in assessing your technology needs as a content marketer. I have some work to do in this area but now have an excellent “guide”.

3 Little-Known Workflow Game-Changers

Claire Burge, CEO, WNDYR, @claireburge; Nishant Taneja, AVP Product Marketing Wrike, @wrike

Claire is a brilliant thought-leader and I look forward to learning more from her. I loved her perspective that workflow is actually a form of change management happening within a company.

How to Google Proof Your Lead Gen Content Marketing Programs

Tom Martin, Author, The Invisible Sale, @TomMartin; Stephanie Mansueto, Content Strategist, ion interactive, @stephmansueto

Okay, I’ll admit it. Tom Martin has been one of my heroes since I heard him speak at an event I attended in Denver, CO, a few years ago. He didn’t disappoint today and I was nerdy-thrilled when he actually thanked me for my Tweets. The “Taco Truck” analogy really struck a chord with many of the attendees. Was it because it was around lunch time? At any rate, he was brilliant!

Stephanie Mansueto rounded out Tom’s  presentation perfectly with some great case studies and stats. I loved how she played on his Taco Truck theme with “Be a Taco Truck – Go where the audience is and make them hungry for more.”

Experience-Obsessed: Scaling a Thriving Global Enterprise in the Consumer Empowered World The average lifespan

Ekaterina Walter, Author, Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets of Facebook’s @Ekaterina

Ekaterina kicked our collective asses during her spot-on presentation, even admonishing attendees to “Pay attention!” She knew she was dishing out gold and, among other things, gave some outstanding insights on what leading brands are doing right when it comes to content marketing.

Data That Drives Email Marketing Relevance and Revenue

Jessica Best, Director of Data-Driven Marketing, Barkley, @bestofjess

Jess really is best. Her presentation highlighted the need for both great content and data to optimize content marketing.

Higher Rankings in Less Time Through Data and Repurposing

Andy Crestodina, Co-founder and CMO, Orbit Media Studios, @crestodina

Andy’s presentation was a great way to end the day. He made everything we’d heard seem more do-able by sharing practical strategies to save time and simplify the process for creating loads of great content.

In closing…

I offered up my appreciation for the day and it was reciprocated. It hasn’t escaped me that this is really the end goal of our content marketing strategies. To offer our stories to the world, using the tools available to us, and hope they stick with someone who cares.





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