Bringing the Holidays home

Our wish for you

peaceWe came upon this fantastic Christmas display while on a visit to one of our home communities. We don’t get back nearly often enough but even so, we were welcomed with open arms like we’d never left.

That got us thinking about the bigger picture of what we doing here in Canada in welcoming others from places where there are no longer even homes to go back to. How fitting that this is happening during this season of caring and sharing. The generosity expands around us throughout our communities as we try to do our best for those who are separated from their loved ones, alone, grieving or less fortunate. Some will say it’s never enough and that we can always do more. But at least we try.

Our wish for you, wherever you are and whomever you are with, is for the same peace and community we discovered on our recent journey.

There is always magic in those words that truly celebrate the Season…

Welcome Home.

Leanne and Michael

Thanks to the support of our clients and colleagues in 2015, we are helping to brighten the lives of young people in a community-based group home.


Photo Credit Michael Fournier

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